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Collections of Conventions & Case Law

mondialWhatconvention - Search Engine on Inernational Law

genèveUnited Nations Treaty Collection

mondialInternational Human Rights Treaties (collection by the OHCHR)

mondialConventions of the International Labour Organization

mondialData Base on international humanitarian law (ICRC)

genèveENTRI - Environmental Treaties and Ressource Indicators

mondialHCR - Conventions protecting the refugees

genèveHuman Rights Library

genèveMultilateral conventions from Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy

genèveInternational law resources, University of Western Australia

genèveWomen's human rights resources, University of Toronto

genèveBerkeley Library on Treaties

genèveBrandeis Library on Treaties


genèveThe International Law of Treaties

genèveUNEP DELC - Division of Environmental Law and Conventions

suisseLibrary of the Institute of comparative law

genèveECOLEX - Gateway to Environmental Law

mondialUNEP - Information Unit for Conventions

mondialUniversal Human Rights Index of United Nations Documents

mondialRULAC - Rule of Law in Armed Conflict Project

mondialAfrican Human Rights Case Law Analyser (HURIDOCS)

International Organisations

mondialLASIL - Latin American Society of International Law

mondialILC - International Law Commission

mondialOHCHR - Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

mondialILO - International Labour Organization

genèveCIHEF - International Humanitarian Fact-Finding Commission

genèveILI - International Law Institute

genèveUNCITRAL - United Nations Commission on International Trade Law

Newspapers & Magazines

genèveAmerican Journal of International Law

genèveIndLaw - Guide to Indian Law

genèveJournal of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda

genèveJudicial Publications

genèveInternational Review of the Red Cross

genèveThe United Nations Audiovisual Library of International Law

International Courts & Tribunals

genèveProject on International Courts and Tribunals

genèveSpecial Tribunal for Lebanon

genèveICTY - International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia

genèveEuropean Court of Human Rights

genèveICJ - International Court of Justice

Previously "Permanent Court of International Justice"

genèveICC - International Criminal Court

genèveICTR - International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda

genèvePermanent Court of Arbitration

genèveAfrican Court of Human Rights

genèveInter-American Court of Human Rights

genèveSpecial Court for Sierra Leone

genèveSpecial Tribunal for Cambodia / Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia

genèveCURIA - Court of Justice of the European Union

genèveASIL Electronic Resource Guide for International Law

genèveUnited Nations Administrative Tribunal

Non-Governmental Organisations

mondialICJ - International Commission of Jurists

genèveAMM - The Association of Attorney Mediators

genèveFoundation for International Commercial Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution

genèveFICA - Forum for International Conciliation and Arbitration

Formerly Forum for International Commercial Arbitration

mondialIPA - International Publishers Association

mondialCIEL - Center for International Environmental Law

mondialTRIAL - Track Impunity Always

Other Web Sites

mondialWhatconvention - Search Engine on Inernational Law

mondialJean Pictet Competition

International humanitarian law competition

genèveILSA - International Law Students Association