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mondialCaritas Internationalis

mondialBangwe et Dialogue

supports women in the Great Lakes region and in the DRC

mondialCEDAW - Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women

genèveICJW - International Council of Jewish Women

genèveCSW - Commission on the Status of Women

genèveWomen Watch

genèveIAW - International Alliance of Women


genèveNGO Coordination of Women for the follow up of Beijing

mondialSoroptimist International

mondialWILPF - Women's International League for Peace and Freedom

genèveWEDO - Women's Environment and Development Organization


genèveWIDE - Women In Development Europe

genèveUN Women - United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women

Merger of "DAW - Division for the Advancement of Women", "INSTRAW - International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women", "OSAGI - Office of the Special Adviser on Gender Issues and Advancement of Women" and "UNIFEM - United Nations Development Fund for Women"

genèveBPW International - Federation of Business and Professionnal Women

genèveCenter for Reproductive Rights


mondialWorld YWCA - World Young Women's Christian Association

mondialFemmes Africa Solidarité

genèveIGTN - International Gender and Trade Network

mondialOCAPROCE Internationale

mondialCEDAW - Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women

mondialWWSF - Women's World Summit Foundation

mondialUNFPA - United Nations Population Fund

suisseIAMANEH - International Association for Maternal and Neonatal Health

mondialIBFAN - International Baby Food Action Network

mondialWorld Union of Catholic Women's Organisations

mondialACISJF - International Catholic Association for Girls

mondialFAWCO - Federation of American Women's Clubs Overseas

mondialUNDP - United Nations Development Programme

genèveICW - International Council of Women

mondialBrahma Kumaris

mondialCONGO Committee on Status of Women

genèveGFW - Global Fund for Women

mondialThe Suzanne Mubarak Women's International Peace Movement

mondialFranciscans International


genèveWIIS - Women In International Security

mondialAIFOMD - Association Internationale de formateurs en objectifs du millénaire des Nations Unies pour le développement

genèveRights & Democracy

mondialFCEM - World Association of Women Entrepreneurs

mondialIFUW - International Federation of University Women

mondialGlobal Alliance Against Female Genital Mutilation


suissePro Senectute

suisseAlter Ego - Association suisse contre la maltraitance des personnes âgées


mondialPro Senior

mondialCONGO Committee on Aging

genèveFIAPA - Fédération Internationale des Associations de Personnes Agées

suisseGERO - Gerontological-Economic Research Organization

genèveIAUTA - International Association of Universities of the Third Age

suisseAVS - Assurance-vieillesse et Survivants

mondialConseil des Anciens de Genève

mondialAFSM - Association of Former WHO Staff

suisseCURAVIVA - Associations des Homes et Institutions Sociales Suisse

mondialWHO - World Health Organization

suisseAssociation Alzheimer Suisse

suisseCSA - Conseil Suisse des Aînés

genèveAAFU - Association des Anciens Fonctionnaires de l'UNESCO

genèveTAFU - The Aged Family Uganda

genèveUnited Nations Programme on Ageing

genèveIFA - International Federation on Ageing

genèveGlobal Action on Ageing

suisseFondation les petits frères des Pauvres


mondialSCA - Save the Children

mondialCODAP - Youth ressource center on Human Rights

mondialEIP - World Association of School as an Instrument for Peace

mondialCRC - Committee on the Rights of the Child

mondialInternational Organisation of Francophonie

genèveYouth at the United Nations

mondialDCI - Defence for Children International

mondialWorld YMCAs - World Young Men's Christian Association

mondialWorld YWCA - World Young Women's Christian Association

mondialWorld Organization of the Scout Movement

genèveISS - International Social Service

genèveCovenant House

genèveInternational Youth Foundation

genèveInfo Youth

genèveChildwatch International Research Network

genèveWFUNA - World Federation of United Nations Associations - Youth

mondialEnfants du Monde

mondialTerre des Hommes - International Federation

mondialVillage Suisse ONG

mondialUNICEF - United Nations Children's Fund

mondialWWSF - Women's World Summit Foundation

genèvePlan International

suisseGVSI - Group of Volunteers of Italian Switzerland

mondialEarth Focus Foundation


Resource Center on isolated foreign minors

mondialFNIF - Florence Nightingale International Foundation

mondialWorld Vision International

mondialCONGO Committee on Youth

suissePro Filia

mondialAction for the Support of Deprived Children

genèveAfCiC - Action for Children in Conflict

mondialGAIN - Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition

mondialCasa Alianza Suisse

mondialGIFA - Association Genevoise pour l'Alimentation Infantile

suisseAssociation Espoir madagascar

mondialAssociation Anna Di Giusto pour l'enfance

mondialELA (Suisse) - European Leukodistrophy Association

suisseAEDESS - Aide des enfants démunis, sans soutien

mondialChildren Action

genèveAED - Academy for Educational Development

mondialAIFOMD - Association Internationale de formateurs en objectifs du millénaire des Nations Unies pour le développement

mondialUNFPA - United Nations Population Fund

mondialGeneva World

mondialAide et Action Suisse

mondialBICE - International Catholic Child Bureau

mondialIIMA - International Institute Daughters of Mary Help of Christians

mondialGeneva Call