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mondialFICSA - Federation of International Civil Servants' Associations

mondialIMF - International Metalworkers' Federation

mondialUNI - Union Network International

mondialICFTU - International Confederation of Free Trade Unions

mondialILO - International Labour Organization

mondialFDI - World Dental Federation

genèveIFWEA - International Federation of Workers' Education Associations

mondialPSI - Public Services International

suisseClean clothes Campaign

genèveETI - Ethical Trading Initiative

mondialICHRN - International Centre for Human Resources in Nursing

mondialInternational Organisation of Employers

mondialInternational Trade Union Confederation

genèveSyndicat Suisse des services publics

genèveFor Child Labour, see also Rights of the Child and Youth

genèveThe Federation of European Employers

mondialFER - Fédération des Entreprises Romandes

genèveETUC - European Trade Union Confederation

genèveEuropean Federation of Public Service Unions.

mondialIUF - Uniting Food, Farm and Hotel Workers World-Wide

mondialCMW - Committee on Migrant Workers

suisseBrücke - Le Pont

mondialICN - International Council of Nurses

mondialIPA - International Pediatric Association

mondialWMA - World Medical Association

mondialWorld Health Professions Alliances

mondialWPA - World Psychiatric Association

suisseIFSW - International Federation of Social Workers

mondialAFSM - Association of Former WHO Staff

mondialISSA - International Social Security Association

mondialILO Staff Union

mondialGSO - Geneva Social Observatory

mondialAIIC - International Association of Conference Interpreters

Altermondialist organisations & Global justice mouvement

mondialCETIM - Europe-Third World Centre

mondialATTAC - Association for the Taxation of Financial Transactions for the Aid of Citizens

genèveGlobal Exchange

Education and action resource center

genèveInternational Action Center

suisseDéclaration de Berne


genèveFor Economic justice, see Economic justice

genèveTransnational Institute

genèveG20 - Group of Twenty - 2006 Australia

genèveFocus on the Global South

genèveLa Via Campesina : International Peasant Movement

suisseSwiss Social Forum

genèveCADIM - Committee for the Abolition of the Third World Debt

genèveWorld Social Forum

suisseCoalition Suisse pour la Diversité Culturelle

mondialNord-Sud XXI - ONG des Droits de l'Homme

mondialATE - Association Transport and Environment

genèveTWN - Third World Network

Forced Labour & Human Trafficking

mondialICMC - International Catholic Migration Commission

mondialFranciscans International

mondialIMADR - International Movement Against All Forms of Discrimination and Racism


genèveHuman Trafficking Search

mondialEnd Human Trafficking Now!

mondialGCSP - Geneva Centre for Security Policy

mondialCONGO Committee on Status of Women