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Main international companies

International Organisations working on private sector issues

mondialUNDP - United Nations Development Program

mondialWTO - World Trade Organization

mondialWorld Bank

mondialILO - Business and social initiatives database

mondialUN - United Nations

mondialITC - International Trade Centre

mondialUNCTAD - United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

genèveIMF - International Monetary Fund

mondialUNRISD - United Nations Research Institute for Social Development

genèveOECD - Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development

mondialUNEP - Finance Initiative

mondialUNECE - United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

NGO's working on private sector issues

mondialAPRÈS - Chambre de l'économie sociale et solidaire


mondialEthos Foundation

mondialObservatoire de la Finance

mondialPhilias - Business & Society

suisseTI - Transparency International


mondialAmnesty International - Business and Human Rights


mondialHuman Rights Watch - Corporations & Human Rights

genèveICCR - Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility

suisseElea - Foundation for Ethics in Globalization

mondialCovalence - Ethical quotation system

genèveBusiness and Human Rights Resource Centre


genèveCorporate Watch

suisseSustainability Forum Zurich

suisseFondation Nature et Economie

mondialConvention of Independent Financial Advisors (CIFA)

mondialICA - International Co-operative Alliance

mondialThe Forest Trust

formerly Tropical Forest Trust

genèveCSR Wire - The Coroprate Social Responsibility Newswire

Private Sector Organisations

mondialWEF - World Economic Forum

mondialWBCSD - World Business Council for Sustainable Development

genèveICC - International Chamber of Commerce

mondialThe Business Humanitarian Forum

mondialWNYLE - World Network of Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs

mondialFER - Fédération des Entreprises Romandes

genèveBusiness Roundtable

mondialThe Geneva Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services

suisseUSAM - Union Suisse des Arts et Métiers

mondialEconomiesuisse - Umbrella Organisation of Swiss Businesses

suisseUnion Patronale Suisse

mondialGTSA - Geneva Trading & Shipping Association

mondialIHRA - International Hotel & Restaurant Association

mondialUIG - Union Industrielle Genevoise

mondialHealth Diplomats

genèveGlobal Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

mondialIFPMA - International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations

mondialWSMI - World Self-Medication Industry

mondialGeneva Association - International Association for the Study of Insurance Economics

mondialGeneva Financial Center

Codes of Conduct & Indices

mondialConvention of Independent Financial Advisors (CIFA)

genèveBusiness for social Responsibility

genèveDow Jones Sustainability Indexes

genèveSarbanes Oxley

genèveEquator Pinciples

genèveCollevecchio Declaration

genèveIFC - Safeguard policies

genèveSA 8000 - Social Accountability International

genèveGlobal Reporting Initiative : guidelindes 2002

genèveUN Global Compact

genèveVoluntary Principles on Security and Humand Rights

genèveBusiness Principles for Countering Bribery

genèveOCDE - Convention on Combatting Bribery

genèveOCDE - Guidelines for Multinatinal Enterprises

genèvePublish What You Pay Compaign Principles

genèveISO 14001

genèveAA1000- Assurance Standard

genèveEuropean Initiative for Ethical Production and Comsumption

genèveBetter Business Bureau

genèveFor coorporate social responsibility, see also Corporate Social Responsibility

genèvePRI - Principles for Responsible Investment

mondialCovalence - Ethical quotation system

suisseTI - Transparency International

Main transnational companies located in Geneva

mondialAMD Advanced Micro Devices

mondialABM / Amro Bank