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Main federations and networks based in Geneva

mondialFOH - Friends of Humanity

Geneva-based non-profit organizationsupporting initiatives and projects in four key areas: Human rights, Education, Healthcare and Environmental conservation. FOH projects are currently underway in Asia, Africa and Latin America. We operate both directly, by supporting initiatives and funding them, and indirectly, by playing an intermediary role in supporting projects of other humanitarian organizations when they are consistent with the statutes and objectives of FOH. Moreover, communication and raising public awareness are an integral part of the FOH mission. FOH was founded and registered on 16 May 2007 in Geneva, Switzerland, as a non-profit corporation. Upon creation, FOH took over several projects already launched previously by Graziella Zanoletti, president of the organization. Over the years, FOH constantly expands the number and scope of its projects.

Main NGOs present in Geneva

Other federations of NGOs on the international scene

genèveEADI - European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes

genèveFIAN International

genèveEscotet International Link

genèveEUA - European University Association

genèveCANSO - Civil Air Navigation Services Organization

suisseSKAT - Swiss Ressource Center and Consultancies for Development

genèveICSW - International Council on Social Welfare

genèveFICA - Forum for International Conciliation and Arbitration

Formerly Forum for International Commercial Arbitration

genèveHIC - Habitat International Coalition

genèveIAI - International Alliance of Inhabitants

genèveIIC - International Interfaith Centre

genèveIRG - WRI - War Resisters' International


genèveWorkingabroad - Voluntary Work Information Service

genèveZERI - Zero Emissions Research Initiative

genèveZONTA International

genèveEnda - Environmental Development Action in the Third World

genèveAPEFE - Association pour la promotion de l'éducation et de la formation à l'étranger

genèveWIDE - Women In Development Europe

genèveETI - Ethical Trading Initiative

genèveWFD - World Federation of the Deaf

genèveIFJ - International Federation of Journalists

genèveABONG (Brasil) - Associação Brasileira de Organizações Não Governamentais

genèveCANGO - China Association For NGO Cooperation

genèveCIET- International

genèveELCI - Environment Liaison Centre International

genèveCCIC - Canadian Council for International Co-operation

genèveCERES - Environmental Information by Organization


genèveCoordination Sud - Coordination nationale des ONG françaises de solidarité internationale

genèveCyber NGO Resource Center (korea)

genèveDAWN - Development Alternatives with Women in a New Era


genèveHorizont3000 - Austrian Organisation for Development Co-operation

genèveInteraction - American Council for Voluntary International Action

genèveKepa - Service Centre for Development Cooperation (Finland)

genèveCounterpart International

genèveKubatana - The NGO Network Alliance Project (Zimbabwe)

An online community for Zimbabwean activists

genèveThe NGO Forum on Cambodia

genèveNGO Global Network

genèveNGO Worldline

genè - Noord-Zuidpoortal

genèveCercle de Coopération - Luxembourg

genèvePiango - Pacifics Islands Association of Non-Gouvermental Organisations

genèvePlateforme d'Insertion par l'Humanitaire et la Coopération

genèveResacoop - Réseau Rhone-Alpes d'appui à la coopération

genèveNGO Pulse

A regional electronic information and communications network for development and human rights workers

genèvet@c - Togo Association des coopérations

genèveURD - Groupe Urgence Réhabilitation Développement

genèveVenro (Germany)


genèvePseau - Programme Solidarité Eau

genèveThe NGO Network

genèveIFWEA - International Federation of Workers' Education Associations

genèveNGO Alternative Treaties

genèveWorld Federalist Movement - Institute for Global Policy

genèveCités Unies (France)

genèveTI - Transparency International

genèveUNITED for Intercultural Action

European network against nationalism, racism, fascism and to promote the rights of refugees, minorities and migrants.

genèveWWC - World Water Council / World Water Forum

genèveCoalition to stop the use of child soldiers

genèveFLO - Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International

genèveIANSA - International Action Network on Small Arms

genèveDoctors of the World

genèveFIAPA - Fédération Internationale des Associations de Personnes Agées

genèveGlobal Responsibility - Platform for Development and Humanitarian Aid

genèveBOND - British Overseas NGOs for Development

genèveIRENA - International Renewable Energy Agency


NGO databases

genèveCocosNet - Librarynetwork of the Flemish North-Southmovement

genèveDatabase of NGOs of the International Labour Organization (ILO)

mondialDatabase of NGOs in Consultative Status with the UN ECOSOC

genèveEscotet International Link - a source for NGOs

genèveIGC - Internet

genèveUIA - Union of International Associations

mondialNGO Information Platform

mondialListings of NGOs and International Organisations - Geneva Welcome Centre

genèveDepartment of Public Information NGO directory (DPI)


genèveBetter World Links

Over 45'000 links to organizations dealing with various topics such as Environment, Human Rights, Conflict Regions, Military, Peace, Religion, etc...

mondialNGO Database

Resources on Civil Society

genèveCentre for Civil Society

genèveCenter for Civil Society Studies at the John Hopkins University

genèveCenter for the Study of Global Governance at LSE

mondialUNDP & Civil Society

mondialFES - Foundation Friedrich Ebert

genèveICNL - The International Center for Not-for-Profit Law

suisseAid Governance

Capacity building for NGOs through assessment and training on organizational governance

Labels & accountability

genèveBetter Business Bureau

mondialHAP - Humanitarian Accountability Partnership

mondialSGS - NGO Benchmarking

Other NGOs in Switzerland

suisseACAT - Action des Chrétiens pour l'Abolition de la Torture

suissePBI - Peace Brigades International


suisseIFSW - International Federation of Social Workers



suisseWWF International - World Wildlife Fund

suisseTransparency International Switzerland

suisseMedicus Mundi Switzerland

suisseIAMANEH - International Association for Maternal and Neonatal Health

suisseInternational Blue Cross

suisseCaritas Switzerland

suisseDPPD - Dialogue for Personal and Professional Developement