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suisseLibrary of the Institute of comparative law

mondialLibrary of IUED

mondialLibrary of IUHEI

mondialLibrary of UN

genèveUCLA Library

genèveSwiss National Library

mondialPUL - Public University Library

mondialNEDS - Network of Swiss Development Documentation Centres

genèveRERO - Network of Libraries of the French-speaking part of Switzerland

genèveInternational Documentation Network on the Great African Lakes Region

genèveAfrica Intelligence

genèveIISD - Linkages

genèveUniversity of Michigan Library - Documents Center

genèveENTRI - Environmental Treaties and Ressource Indicators

genèveECOLEX - Gateway to Environmental Law


Information platform by OCHA


mondialITU - International Telecommunication Union


World Statistics updated in real time

genèveUN Statistics Division National Publications and Statistical Yearbooks, Current Statistics and Internet Sites

mondialLABORSTA - Database of the ILO Bureau of Statistics


genèveInternational Trade Administration

genèveLibrary of Congress Country Studies


genèvePenn World Tables

Purchasing power parity

genèvePrice's List of Lists

genèveUS Department of State: Countries Background Notes

genèveWorld Development Indicators-Data Query

genèveWorld Factbook (CIA)

genèveIndice Doing Business

genèveForeign Exchange Rates (Daily)

Federal Reserve Board

genèveForeign Government Statistics (University of Michigan Documents Center)

genèveCOMESA - Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa

Established to form a large economic and trading unit for its 20 member countries; country, trade, economic, and selected industry data; includes "Doing Business with COMESA" handbook.

genèveUN Data

Major UN statistical databases. Replaces the United Nations Common Database (UNCDB).

genèveUN Comtrade - United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database

genèveDemographic tables - Western Pacific

genèveInternational Financial Statistics

genèveUNESCO Institute for Statistics

Documentation Centers

mondialDoCip - Indigenous Peoples' Center for Documentation, Research and Information

mondialUN Library

mondialBibliothèque de Genève

mondialBibliothèque SES de l'Université de Genève

mondialLibrary of the Graduate Institute of International & Development Studies


mondialHURIDOCS - Human Rights Information and Documentation Systems

genèveEUFORIC - Forum on Europe's International Cooperation et Développement

mondialNEDS - The Network of Swiss Development Documentation Centres

mondialRERO - Library Network of Western Switzerland